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Teaching and Learning Languages

Selected readings from
edited by Anthony Mollica

Selected from the first five volumes of Mosaic, these fifty-one practical and theoretical chapters, written by distinguished North American second-language scholars, are invaluable professional readings for both beginning and seasoned teachers.

Pp. xii + 624, 6 ¾”x 9 ½”

The selections in Teaching and Learning Languages

  • recognize the importance of language teaching and learning
  • acknowledge the important role of the student and teacher and parent
  • identify the students’anxiety and offer practical suggestions for studying
  • discuss classroom environment
  • provide practical teaching techniques which will assist teachers in their day-to-day teaching activity
  • highlight the partnership between home and school
  • identify the fundamentals of second-language teaching
  • focus on the teaching of a specific point of grammar
  • propose vocabulary expansion
  • emphasize the fun element in language teaching
  • identify methods and approaches to language teaching
  • assess the neuroscientific interest of second-language educators
  • suggest caveats with print and non-print materials
  • evaluate visuals in the classroom
  • offer suggestions for creative activities
  • focus on three of the language skills: speaking reading, writing, as well as on culture and body language
  • discuss the importance of evaluation
  • and conclude with background information on North American cultural festivities
Teaching and Learning Languages (#BK213): $59.95 (CAD)