• we can publish your book (novel, short stories, poems, family history)?
  • we specialize in small-run printing?
  • we can print as few as 10 copies or as many as you want?
  • we have a professional in-house editor to handle your manuscript?
  • we provide ISBN number and deposit two copies of your publication in the National Library of Canada?
  • we offer affordable prices?

If you are teaching at a college/university...

  • we can publish your course packs in book form
  • we can provide the required number of copies for your classes


For further information please contact us

Here are some of the books we've published.

Chansonnettes (In Full Color) (#BK200): $29.95 (CAD)
The Adventures of Jacob Jones (#BK306): $9.95 (CAD)
Mr D - Una bella vita (#BK308): $14.95 (CAD)
The Ashenden Files (#BK310): $19.95 (CAD)
Roman Wisdom for a better life (#BK318): $29.95 (CAD)
After the age of immigration, The lives of Italian-Canadians (#BK307): $24.95 (CAD)
Sheep on the Lam (#BK320): $10.00 (CAD)
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